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Hello (It’s me.)

padfootwebI was wondering if all these weeks you’d like to meet to talk about where the heck I’ve been.

As an apology for my absence I’d like to present this awesome photo of my dog, Padfoot, dressed as a witch.

It’s probably the best picture I have ever taken.

I did not mean to take an almost two month break. For the majority of these past few weeks I’ve had terrible daily migraines and then when that partially cleared up last week I caught a terrible chest cold I’m still sneezing my way out of–but it’s not all bad!

I’m a college student now!

I hope that you imagine that visual as me well-dressed with nice hair, a pencil behind my ear, and a thirst for knowledge in my eyes.

The real image is mouth breathing web surfing from bed, resting my laptop stand on a chest with like seven different layers of Vapor Rub on it. I am wearing a robe that my mother says makes me look like Olivia Pope, but that is the extent of my allure. I am very gross.

padwebHere’s another picture of my dog to erase that image from your mind.

Anyways, my Graphic Technologies degree (a fancy way of describing Graphic Design, I guess) starts in January. I’ve been doing lots of paperwork and cramming lots of study hours in Khan Academy to test into proper college math.

I hated math before, but listening to my little brother–who creates his own equations and then solves them for fun–tell me the problem I’ve been stumped on for like a half hour is “simple!” makes me very frustrated.

12185530_10205277686926972_5927516558609977164_oIn cuter news, I was Snow White for Halloween.

I was very adorable at the Harvest festival I volunteered at, but I am realizing now that the source of my current cough drop addiction probably lies in the sticky hands of at least one of the 800+ kids I handed candy out to that night.

I’m seeing a doctor soonish. Eventually I will no longer be a sad, pathetic ball of snot. At that point regular videos and more will resume.

Love you guys!

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