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Thursday Thrive

I wanted to write a Friday Five type of post where I summarize my week with five short anecdotes or updates, but Today is not Friday.

Wait a second, Lily, you say, you could just wait until tomorrow to post!

That I could, dear reader. I just don’t want to.

I’m trying out this new thing where I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s why I changed my video style from professional content, but poorly filmed to high quality HD footage of me admiting my worst secrets on a weekly basis.

Waiting a whole day so I can properly use an overused meme in my blog post does not fit with this new ‘anything goes’ thing I’ve got going on.

Goodbye, Friday Five.

Hello, Thursday… Thrive?

Yeah, that works. Thursday Thrive can be about things I’m doing really good at.

To kick off, let’s start by talking about how awesome my giveaway is going. I’m not sure many people are actually watching my video for it (which is a shame, because it is adorable), but it’s getting a lot of entries! Almost fifty entries just on the first day!

I’ve started making art a priority again.

I used to be really great at it when I was younger, but then I discovered writing and I sort of funneled all my energy into that for the past decade or so.

I’ve been sketching out lessons from a book called Learn to Draw in 30 Days.

Most of what I’ve covered so far I already know, but I’ve been doing my lessons on my mother’s iPad to get myself used to drawing digitally and to challenge myself a bit.

Check out the totally awesome cubes I did the other day that definitely did not take me about three hours to do.

I recently got my job back at a local church. I do daycare, mostly in the nursery but occasionally with older kids. I must be a good employee because I hadn’t worked with them for over a year when they asked me to return earlier this month (I had to leave due to some medical issues last time) and they all seem very happy to have me back.

I’m very happy to be back. Getting paid to cuddle babies all day is like a dream (except when said babies spit up all over you, but that’s not much worse than when my dog does the same and I definitely don’t get paid to clean that up).

What are you thriving at this week? What’s going well in your neck of the woods?

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