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Young Adult Book Recs for the 2016 Election!

  SUBSCRIBE¬†to my YouTube Channel! Let’s Make America Read Again! Today I have five politically themed YA book recommendations for the 2016 election! I’ve gathered five contemporary (or almost contemporary) young adult books on hot button topics like presidential elections, LGBT rights, immigration, and more. But this isn’t a depressing book list! These stories are… Continue Reading

Join AuthorTube!

  Do you make writing videos on YouTube? *starts chanting* Join us, join us… We’ve made a support group for Author YouTubers! (I wanted to call it WriterTube, but it works both ways.) Click here to visit¬†the AuthorTube Facebook group. Here’s the group description: AuthorTubers aims to be a support community for Authors/Writers on YouTube.… Continue Reading

Revision Tips & Tricks

  Turn your plot holes to page turners with this awesome panel on revision featuring authors Alexa Donne, Beth Revis, Susan Dennard, Mary Elizabeth Summer, and agent Thao Le! This panel discusses how editing one thing can set off a chain reaction, which is better–writing or revising, whether or not revision is easier if you… Continue Reading

World As Character: How To Make Your Setting For Real

  Learn how to make your novel’s setting feel like a living breathing thing in this panel on world building featuring authors Susan Dennard, Victoria Aveyard, Alexandra Bracken, Roshani Chokshi, and Lindsay Cummings! This panel discusses how setting can make or break a story, each author’s favorite story world or novel (shoutout to Dinotopia!), the… Continue Reading

Dealing With Rejection | #AgentWeek

  Learn how to face and deal with rejection whether you are querying, on submission, or already published with this panel featuring authors Janella Angeles, Chelsea Sedoti, Tobie Easton, Roshani Chokshi, Lindsay Cummings, and literary agent Carlie Webber! This panel tackles topics like throwing out a complete manuscript and starting over (while on submission!), how… Continue Reading

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