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LAST Homeless Video!

Hello from my bedroom! My room! In our new house! I still can’t believe it. It doesn’t feel real.

This is why I’ve been quiet here this month. We’ve been trying to get this house since November, but the prior resident’s lease didn’t finish until the end of the year. Our new landlord gave them permission to leave their lease early, but they were still looking themselves. It was difficult for us because we knew the sooner they left, the sooner we could have a home, but we also know how hard the market is right now. Solving our homelessness only to cause another’s was not the outcome anyone wanted.

However, the former tenants were just two young guys, so they had a lot more options than we did as a family of four with two dogs. They didn’t leave early, but they moved out over New Years weekend. The house still needed inspection by Section 8 before it could be officially ours, but our new landlord let us move some basics in and let us sleep here. I didn’t want to film until after I knew for sure there would be no more problems. It took a week or so for the inspection to happen, but we passed with flying colors.

I’m so happy and grateful to be here, but after so much uncertainty, I don’t feel like I can’t trust anything. I still go to sleep afraid that when I wake we’ll have to leave again and it took me a long time to figure out how I wanted to film this video, because I’m happy but on some levels I still don’t feel like I’m truly home yet. I don’t know how long this will last. I imagine it probably won’t go away for a while, even if everything regarding paperwork and fees and inspections irons itself out fine.

It doesn’t help that our new landlord is impossibly nice. Not only did he let us move in early, he’s also changed the locks for us and replaced lightbulbs through the house. He plans to upgrade the heating to a more efficient system that could save us 50% in electricity. He even let us take some mattresses and furniture left behind from another one of his properties to help us fill out the new place.

That’s been really helpful because rats got into two of our units at the storage place and we’re not sure how much will be salvageable. I still don’t have most of my books, a bookshelf, or bed frame. They’re also still charging us for the infested units, even though we have to organize super slowly because of dead rats they let get into our stuff. It’s gross and their insurance policy doesn’t even cover the damage.

We’re leaving the GoFundMe open a little longer in case anyone wants to help with that and other moving fees, but we’re here! My dogs are here. I have a home again. This month has been very difficult for me, especially as the inauguration loomed, and I’ve still been battling this heavy weight of uncertainty and hopelessness. I didn’t know how to come and film this update that should show my gratitude and excitement when I felt so unsure about so many things.

But even with a fear of things I can’t control, I was inspired by the woman’s march. Seeing history being made, records being broken and set, millions coming together across the world to remind each other that we’re in this fight together–it reminded me of what I aim to do in life. So I am grateful, happy, excited. I’m home!

And the best thing about having a home is having a place to plan my own steps to support others. I have the space and time to plan and create bigger and better things and I am so ready for my next steps. Thank you for your support in getting me here. I can’t wait to get back to work.

I’ll see you soon.


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