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Prince Charming is a Jerk! | Novel Writing Research


The first video in my novel writing research series!

Prince Charming is not living up to his name. Disney prince or not, these dudes can be cruel! While researching my¬†novel, I’ve discovered some creepy, weird, and downright rude things about fairytale princes. Our princesses deserve better.

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Now before you accuse me of ruining your childhood, let me say I LOVE fairytales! But we can’t deny that some of these happily ever afters happened in creepy ways. Prince Charming is flawed, but that’s okay. No one is perfect. In today’s video I don’t hold back on any Disney princess prince, not Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, or even my favorite Little Mermaid.

Young Adult Book Recs for the 2016 Election!

  SUBSCRIBE¬†to my YouTube Channel! Let’s Make America Read Again! Today I have five politically themed YA book recommendations for the 2016 election! I’ve gathered five contemporary (or almost contemporary) young adult books on hot button topics like presidential elections, LGBT rights, immigration, and more. But this isn’t a depressing book list! These stories are… Continue Reading

Scooby Doo Changed My Life

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